Stockpile is a new breed of investment broker that lets you buy stock by the dollar. The mobile app includes tools like social benchmarking to help novice investors make smarter investing decisions and become strategic investors.
I created the app map, wireframes, user flows, and prototypes for the mobile experience. I conducted user research and usability tests for the product as well.
Following the redesign and implementation of select new features below, the mobile app saw 764% growth in monthly active users and       5,083% growth in stock purchases (which is a revenue generator), as well as some love in the Apple App Store.
Product design process (directory)
Project design strategy folder directory
Product design stages
Project design process 1 outline 2 sketch 3 wireframe 4 style
Product samples
Wireframe samples
App map
Research & synthesis
764% growth in monthly active users and 5,083% growth in stock purchases,
plus some love in the Apple App Store.

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