Design sprints are an essential part of my process. I have participated in or lead sprints everywhere I have worked. The goal of a sprint is to identify a problem, generate several solutions, and prototype one of them within a week. At the end of the process, we present the idea and demo the prototype.
Sprint 1: "Spree" (for eBay)
Brief: create a mobile shopping experience that will reach 100 million new customers by 2020.
Question: how can you remove the isolation inherent to online shopping?
Solution: "Spree" (video of prototype below)
I lead a team of four people on this sprint, provided UX and UI design, and pitched the work to eBay. Upon completion of the presentation, the Chief Product Officer of eBay said:
“Spree would dramatically change the landscape we stand on today. I always say that you are not innovating unless you are made sufficiently uncomfortable. This pushes us to a super important place.”
Sprint 2: "Peeek!" (for Kodak)
Brief: create a social experience that would make Kodak a household name in the digital social platform world. 
Question: how do we bring the immediate gratification of digital sharing together with the warm feelings of the Kodak Moment?
Solution: "Peeek!" (video of prototype below)
This won Junior (my previous employer) the bid to develop what became the Kodak Moments app, which I developed from its infancy.
Sprint 3: "Momentos" (for Kodak)
Brief: create a digital experience that bridges the gap between physical and digital photos.
Question: how can we make a photo print evolve over time with social commentary from friends and family?
Solution: "Momentos"
A social app that allows people to add multi-sensory comments (voice, drawing, and message) to photos. Premium prints are scannable by phone and linked to the digital version, allowing you to hear new and past multi-sensory comments for that photo.
This sprint occurred during the develop of the Kodak Moments app. While they liked it, they lacked the runway for such an ambitious project. Lesson learned (know the project’s resource constraints).

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