The Memory Observatory is an experiential art installation first available to the public at SXSW Interactive, 2016. It lets you step inside one of your memories, recreated as a multi-sensory experience.
I provided UX and UI design for two apps that assisted the staff in running the experience. The staff is composed of an Experience Guide, a Docent, and the Operators. I describe each role later in this page.
Experience video
Experience diagrams
Creating the following two diagrams allowed me to create useful products for the Memory Observatory staff. Diagram 1 assisted me in visualizing the relationship between Experience Guide, Docent, Operator and participant. Diagram 2 allowed me to determine the necessary time intervals for each part of the experience.
Diagram #1
Diagram #2
The Experience Guide
The role of the E.G. is to meet one-on-one with each full-experience attendee. They receive the photo from the attendee, ask them questions about the memory (sounds, people, etc.), and assign a mood to the memory. This information is then passed to The Operator.
Product demo video #1
The Docent
The role of the Docent is to queue up 19 partial-experience attendees and their photos. These attendees come in after the full-experience attendee, and see a kaleidoscope collage of the 19 photos in the Observatory.
Product demo video #2
The Operator
The role of the Operator is to queue up the Observatory experiences. They receive content from the Experience Guide and the Docent app, and ensure each experience is queued up at the correct moment.
Product demo video #3

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